Sommer Translations
Expertise & linguistic creativity


My love of literature and varied interests means I also translate literary and philosophical works (be it fiction, children’s fiction, self-realisation, vegetarian cooking, esoteric literature, poetry, etc.), drawing on both my professional experience and linguistic creativity.
Some of my translations have been published in both the English and German Humanist journals:
  • "Bashing God" ("Gott im Kreuzfeuer"), German translation published in "Wege ohne Dogma - Der Humanist", Feb. 1997, ISSN 0940-9394;
  • "Religious Education in Northern Ireland" ("Religionsunterricht in Nordirland"), German translation published in "Wege ohne Dogma – Der Humanist", August/Sept. 1997, ISSN 0940-9394;
  • "Abortion Cop-Outs" ("Abtreibungsausflüchte"), German translation published in "Wege ohne Dogma – Der Humanist", May 1998, ISSN 0940-9394;
  • "The Threat of Intolerance" ("Die Gefahr der Intoleranz"), German translation published in "diesseits", June 1998, ISSN 0932-6162;
  • "The Answer of Atheism" ("Die Antwort des Atheismus"), essay taken from "Das Elend des Christentums" ("The misery of Christianity") by Dr. Dr. Joachim Kahl, independent philosopher, Marburg, Germany, published in the March 2000 issue of "The New Humanist" (published by the Rational Press).
  • "Attempted return to the Middle Ages", article regarding the proposed Treaty between the Vatican and the Slovakian Republic by Eduard Chmelar, German translation, published in "diesseits", March 2000, ISSN 0932-6162.
  • "IBKA Guide 2001", a political guide of the International League of the Non-religious and Atheists (Internationaler Bund der Konfessionslosen und Atheisten e. V.).