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About me

Translation is about communicating across cultures. A good translator translates more than just words, but conveys the message, tone and nuances of the source text, thereby recreating it in another language for a different market.

I am a qualified translator (member of the IoL and BDÜ) working from English into my mother tongue, German. Since I have lived in Great Britain for almost 20 years (until 2002), I do not only have a theoretical knowledge of the English language, but am very familiar with the British way of life and how the language is embedded in its culture and society.

In my ten years of working as a freelance translator for customers in the UK, Germany, USA and the Netherlands, I have specialised in the following fields:

Legal: contract law, criminal law, family law

Marketing: advertisements, marketing material, slogans, websites, publications, press releases, market research questionnaires, commercial correspondence

Literature: essays, journal articles, poetry, prose